Case: 55495  Location: Ocoee, FL  Date: 4/16/2014  Time: 1301

While standing outdoors at the Manheim Auto Auction site in Ocoee, Florida our crew noticed an unusual ring around the sun. The day was bright and sunny with a few light clouds in the sky. The ring around the sun was quite large and the outer edge had orange, yellow, and blue rings and the inside of the large ring was darker than the rest of the sky.


We quickly learned that this phenomenon was called a Corona. Amazed at the site of this large ring around the sun, which I have never viewed before, I took 14 pictures with my IPhone 5. The time lapses between the pictures was not noted at the time. But I can remember taking several pictures back to back as quick as I could touch the phone and within seconds during two different times.


Being unaware of the object in the photo until the pictures were downloaded onto my desktop computer, when I pulled them up on Photo Gallery I got goose bumps, and said to myself, "I believe I just photographed a UFO".


And after viewing the pictures the object seemed to travel quite far in the short space of time it took to hit the iPhone to snap the picture. The pictures show the object at different points after each photograph was taken.


There seems to be two objects in a photo, one a bright white and one purple. One picture seems to show an unusual reflection of yellow and purple light from the white UFO. The objects seem to disappear behind the sun and re-appear to the left of the sun.


The last picture taken showed the white object near the bottom of the sun and the purple object moving down away from the sun with a purple beam in front of it.


The pictures are in sequential order and 4 were not included because of limited space. The last photo, 10th, was actually the last photo taken.


Hopefully, a travel path can be determined from the photos. It would seem probable that more photographs were taken of this Corona, hopefully, these are not the only photographs you receive.

The dot with the purple flare around it, below and left of the sun is a lens reflection.

MUFON gets many cases each month that are not real objects, but lens reflections.

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