Case: 75511  Location: Cape Coral, FL  Date: 7/5/2012  Time: 2130

Letting my dog out the slider door that evening, I saw an Orb, turning in the sky heading for a cloud arm.


When it turned, I saw what looked like the back of the Orb, and looked like a jet fighters After Burner. That, I herd! and It went into the cloud arm, and did not come through the other side, I thought that was strange!/ went back inside.


So, after bout 15 min, I let the dog back in, and saw an other Orb, same description, but it was hovering and moving up and down, (as you will see in the video that I took!) so I ran back in the door and grabbed my phone and recorded!


After witnessing over 7 UFO account's this was my first recording of my experiences.

After checking the wind and the date,

(the day after the 4th of July), it was determined that these "Orbs" were actually Chinese lanterns.

Anytime there is a major holiday, MUFON receives a large number od reports which turn out to be Chinese lanterns.

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