Case: 84444  Location: Indian Shores, FL  Date: 6/15/2017  Time: 2101

Ball of bright light that pulsated and hovered, and then took off.

We were watching the sunset while on vacation in Indian Springs, Florida. We then noticed a bright light.

At first we thought it might be a star or planet.


But it seemed to be turning and pulsating while hovering in one place.


Then it got dimmer before traveling away from us. All the while it was still pulsating light from it.


It was not a plane nor was it a helicopter. It was too high and too bright to be a drone. We never heard a sound.

This turned out to be an airplane with it's anti-collision beacon on. The aircraft was headed straight toward the witness for a few minutes, then made two small course changes to its left, appearing to the witness that it first hovered, and then was moving to the right.

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