Case: 85010  Location: Orlando, Florida  Date: 7/10/2017  Time: 0400

I have over 15 mins of footage, amazing fire ball that hovers then it looks like it blast off and leaves our ozone

My friend sam and I were on a trail late night when the craziest thing I've seen happened, well just watch the footage... the footage I can't release to mufon i will not sign my rights over but I would love to see if you believed they were authentic

The witness did not want to send his video to MUFON.

He sent a small, unrecognizable video clip. He then stopped communicating after stating he would send the entire video.


A check with the American Meteor Society did not show any fireballs or meteors on the date this witness stated he took video of one.


The whole story is suspect due to the witness claiming he and a friend were walking along a trail in the woods at 0400.


He gave no explanation for being in the woods in the dark, or why he had a video camera with him. What did he expect to video in the dark?


In addition, the ceiling was only 250 feet. How could he see and record a fifteen minute video of a fireball?

Case disposition - Hoax.

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