Case: 86832  Location: Seminole, Florida  Date: 9/21/2017  Time: ~1930

I was talking to the neighbor that is living north of us. He was working on his car replacing his brakes. We were chatting for a while. He finished putting his brakes on the car and was lowering the jack. When the vehicle hit the ground I leaned over the hood of the vehicle and was kind of trying to wrap up our conversation when there was this weird moment where we both watched a regular airplane fly over.

The airplane made a noise which got my attention. That is when I saw the object. I said to the neighbor, you see that in the sky and I pointed. He was like yes. I then made a joke like is that planet x as I did not think he knew what I was talking about.

At this point the object seemed like a circle like but a little not so perfect circle. It was really shinny and seemed to be reflecting the sun as the sun was setting. I was like what is that. He said it might be a weather balloon. I didn't think so, and remembered exactly where my camera was as I just got back from a trip.

I ran back to the house and got the camera. When I got back outside I couldn't see it so I just started to take pictures of where I thought I saw it. I tried to take pictures of in relation to the ground. The object was north, but as far as the degrees, I am not sure.

If one was really interested they can look at the pictures and get an exact I guess. By the time I got the camera, the object was not as bright and not as big. I could hardly see it and then I picked it up. I had a hard time zooming in on the object but got a few good pictures. The event only lasted a few minutes. I would say something like 3-10 minutes not sure.

I do know that after we could no longer see it I asked the neighbor what time it was. He pulled up his phone and it was 7:33 pm. If I were to guess we noticed it ~7:25 pm we kept talking. I know he is a little religious so I did not press on him too much. A few minutes later two helicopters came in from the south.

I was telling him that I have heard stories about helicopters after UFO sightings, but thought those were military and it was clear that first helicopter that came up from the south was small and not really a military helicopter that would hold any type of weight.

The neighbor said they are looking for someone, of which it seemed like they were, but it looked like they were looking for something on the ground not the air.

The helicopter passed us and was heading somewhat north where we saw the object and then turned west towards the Gulf of Mexico where a second helicopter met up. The second helicopter had a light on it and by this time it was starting to get dark. Both of the helicopters then started to travel north in a strange none linear path.

We live near the Pinellas Trail and I do not think the helicopters were searching or flying that trail as it is kind of straight. I would say that the helicopters were in between the trail and coast moving north in a non linear path. I personally could not tell if the helicopters were related to the object in the sky. It did not seem like it, but it did seem like they were looking for something. The timing was strange.

The airplane that we saw earlier was a typical airplane like a 747 commercial plane that held tourists, which is common in our skies here.


When everything died down, I checked the camera. The pictures that I zoomed in of which I attached convinced me that what I saw was either a weather balloon or something else. I am more leaning towards the something else.

I KNOW I SAW SOMETHING but what it is I do not.

It was way to early to be a star in the sky in my opinion and the object only got darker and ended up going behind clouds I think. I know in the beginning it was very bright and shinny.I wish I had a picture of it the first time I saw it.

A check with FlightRadar24 showed a balloon, HBAL025 from Google’s Project Loon at 62,200 feet altitude,

with a 28 mph ground speed.

This was passing to the north of the witness location at 1925L, 2325 UTC, the exact time the witness observed the object in question.

The witness does not believe that he saw a Loon balloon, but does not know what it was he saw.

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