January 6, 2017

A MUFON field investigators and witnesses we are exposed to pssoble military aircraft, sometimes secret aircraft not yet declssified. Recently Florida MUFON went through a UFO Flap involving large triangle craft gliding silantly over the Greater Tampa Bay area. Here ar...

January 6, 2017

A friend and researcher Paul Dean wrote recently about his top reads. The list consists of some of the most critical thinkers in the UFO/UAP field. If you want to get to know the serious side of UFOs then this list will certainly build a strong objective and rational f...

February 16, 2015



Episode 3 of UFO Case Profiles is a presentation on MUFON Case 27291 which contains a witness account of a close encounter with a Unknown object and missing time. This case occurred in 2011 and was considered a Category 2 case. 


The field investigation...

February 2, 2015




The location:

Sighting took place on a public innercoastal beach just north of Cape Canaveral. Name of the location at this time is unknown and witness could not recall. As they (himself and his female companion) arrived to the beach they noticed the s...

What we know about UFO reports that are most likely Chinese Lanterns


“Chinese Lanterns” or sky lanterns are pyrotechnics sold prolifically on the Internet and in

fireworks stands. They are readily available to the public in a variety of sizes, and

are quite often sighted...






UFO Spotting iSpy is PERFECT for UFO spotting. You can trigger recording on the slightest sound or movement. ISpy also captures preview frames at the moment of maximum movement to enable you to quickly sort through a lo...

January 24, 2015



Here is a link to determine the current and future cloud cover for the next seven days. I have used it for astronomy and Skyscan and find it very accurate. It is an excellent tool to use when planning any stargazing. As you move your mouse cursor along the bottom dar...

January 24, 2015


Witness claims that during ship operations on the US Coast Guard Acushnet, while towing some type of buoy (possibly and electronic functioning buoy) per normal Coast Guard vessel operations, early in the morning after daylight, on some date between 1976 and 19...

January 5, 2015


The Mutual UFO Network of Florida investigated witness claims of an
unidentified object seen over the waters and wetlands west and northwest of the Isles of
Capri, Naples Florida. The case in question, case number 22854, is the primary initiating
case detailing with a...

January 3, 2015



"The UFO's which currently fly on station when the shuttle is up are being
fired upon by high performance craft using state of the art particle beam
weapons. The very character of a particle beam does not need an atmosphere
to be seen...