MUFON CASE 84057 Sanibel and Captiva Islands, Florida November 21, 2009 

Carol & Gary Paulis MUFON Field Investigators


  Sanibel and Captiva Islands are just off the southwest coast of Florida. They have a population of about 7000 residents and have many resorts and hotels that fill with visitors at various times of the year.  November is one of the quieter months that many of the residents look forward to.


Several young adults, Diane and Adam, one a Sanibel resident, , were enjoying a Saturday evening bike ride on the island when they experienced a close encounter with an unidentified flying object.  At the time of their encounter they were college students, by the time they made their report to MUFON they graduated and are working in their chosen fields,; an educator and an artist. Both are familiar with the island and have ridden bikes in the area regularly.  It was between 9:30 and 10:00 PM on November 21, 2009 as they approached her house just up the road.

















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  They were north bound on a two lane paved road biking side by side, separated by only a few feet. Diane was talking and looking over at Adam and Adam was watching the road straight ahead when she noticed the object approaching them from behind at high speed and near chest level.


Diane recalled her encounter like this; I almost fell off my bike as it came between us, it circled or engulfed us, it was blinding like a laser pointer bright.   I remember every hair on my body stood on end. It was the worst case of heebie-jeebies I have ever had, by far.  There was a humming sound maybe, but I think that may have been more of a feeling, only had the sensation when the orb was near.  It was a lower frequency sound or sensation.


She described the object and its movements as; a bright orb like light, white when near us and green down the road, the actual size was like that of a basketball, as it moved away it left an after trail that kind of twist and turned, it looked like a glow stick that someone waved in the air, except I could see the after trail the entire distance of the street, maybe a half mile. The green orb traveled north near the center of the road in this zig-zag manner, its movement really didn’t have a pattern to it. It was not on the powerlines; those are on the west side of the road and set back from the pavement. Their close encounter lasted about five seconds.


Adam was interviewed separately and provided us with his perspective on the close encounter.  I’ve always described it as a green bolt of electricity, or something that looked like electricity. It went nearly the full length of the road, which is really straight and we had a clear vantage to the end. We were biking back to her house to meet up with another friend, coming from off the island.


The object reminded me of the hand held grocery scanner lights.  The bolt of electricity, or object, passed between us and it blinded her and she swerved and nearly fell off her bike.  I remember just watching because I was looking straight.  It was like a scanner going in all directions really quick. The light was going back and forth, like it was scanning us. The size of the beam was the entire width of the road, maybe 20 feet wide. It went to the end of the road and disappeared.  It didn’t make any sound, but it raised the hair on the back of my neck instantly. No sound, or smell, just all visual. I remember a lot of details, but I don’t remember any explosion of any sort. It would have been the most powerful laser I have ever seen. It was really intense green and scanning. It was bright enough to hurt your eyes, it was pure green. We were freaked out obviously so we just booked it to her house.











  Within a minute they arrived at her house. They turned on the TV to try and see what was going on. At this time they got a phone call from their friend who was now on Sanibel at a gas station sitting in his car, near the Post Office. The lights and power started blinking both at her house and the gas station. Their friend, Mike, told them he just observed a UFO rise slowly over the tree behind the post office and then his car quit running.  It was a clear blue orb that got progressively brighter going inward with the center being white.  The orb grew simultaneously as it rose over the tree line. He noticed as the lights grew dim at the gas station the orb would get brighter, like it was in sync sucking the energy out.  It reached a certain altitude and hovered for a moment before it imploded like the light on an old TV set when you turn it off, and at that exact instant the electricity returned to the gas station.










  Sanibel and Captiva were experiencing a major power issue. Was it possible the objects these individuals encountered lead to the power issues? The local Fire and Police departments received many calls related to the power problem as well as local radio and television stations.  The initial fire call, related to the power issue, came in at 2157 hours for a location several miles west of the green orb sighting.  The blue orb was approximately two miles to the east of the green orb sighting.                


Local television stations reported; a flood of phone calls Saturday night around 10pm. Viewers reported power surges and flashes of different colored lights in the sky over the water. Callers from as far as Southwest Cape Coral and Fort Myers Beach said they saw the lights for about 40 seconds.  Some viewers even reported power surges in their homes, and trouble starting their cars. Passengers on a Casino Boat, located 10 miles off shore from Sanibel and Captiva, recorded the light display and posted it on You Tube. Several other related videos and photos were also posted.


Here are several of those links;


Big M Casino Boat 10 miles off shore of Sanibel and Captiva Islands

Sanibel Island Transformers exploding videos:


  On Monday, November 23, 2009 the Lee County Electrical Cooperative provided a news release to the city of Sanibel regarding the recent power outage. Portions of that release indicate an investigation is in process to determine the cause of the major power disruption.  We did not receive a response to our attempt to contact LCEC Public Relations for additional information about the power outage.

   The witnesses of the green orb event were sure what they observed and experienced were not the result of a power transformer or insulator failure, a laser pointer, ground vehicles, helicopter or small aircraft with high intensity lights, small drones, or astronomical objects. The blue orb event may have been the result of the electrical power event. The witness of the event denied our request for an interview; he provided his statement to the reporting witness for our review.  This case was closed as Unknown - Other.

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