Lens Reflections                                                       

Hoaxed Photos                                                        

Black Dots                                                               

Dust Orbs                                                                 

Rocket Launches                                                       

Chinese Lanterns                         

Solar Balloons                                                          


Aviation Mid-air Refueling                                         

Meteors and Fireballs                                             

Sun Dogs                                                                 

Aurora Borealis                                                         

Ball Lightning                                                            

Window Reflections                             

International Space Station (ISS)                             

Venus (Misidentified Planets)                                  

St. Elmo’s Fire                                                          

Iridium Flares                                                            

Rain Drops/Mist                                                        


Lunar Halos                                                             

Odd Sights                                                                

Lights in the Sky                                                 


Wikipedia states “Image analysis is the extraction of meaningful information from images; mainly from digital images by means of digital image processing techniques.”

Sometimes a witness will include one or more photos with their report to Florida Research & Investigations. Many times, a photo will tell you immediately what the witness was looking at, or not looking at. Sometimes, the witness’s claims do not match the photo evidence. By knowing what you are looking at or what you are not looking at will help you complete your case with the correct disposition and identification of the suspect object(s).

Image Analysis

Field Investigator Tutorial

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