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Window reflections – Occasionally witnesses will submit photos of strange lights in their backyard, outside their car or even out of an airplane window. Sometimes they won’t tell you they shot through glass and you need to figure that part out by yourself. Shooting through glass many times results in a reflection of a light or lighted object on the camera’s side of the glass. Figures 50-55 show the result of this type of picture taking.

Figure 50 – A dome light in a vehicle looks like a UFO outside the vehicle.

Figure 51 - Office lights look like strange craft in formation.

Figure 52 – Photo taken through window glass

showing interior light reflections.
This was easily mistaken for a massive UFO invasion.

Figure 53 - This is a beautiful photo of a sunset.

Notice the UFO above and to the left of the water tower?

Figure 54 - Look at the ceiling light in the room where the photo was taken.

Look familiar?

Figure 55 - Shows a comparison of the two.

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