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Iridium Flares - are a specific type of satellite flare which is made when the antennas and solar panel arrays of an Iridium communication satellite reflect sunlight directly onto the surface of the Earth. There are programs and websites that can predict when you will see an Iridium flare. Reports that turn out to be Iridium flares many times have a statement similar to this:

  I saw a bright flash in the sky.

In figures 66 through 69 images of Iridium flares are shown.

Figure 66 – shows the beginning, the flare and the end of an Iridium flare.

Figure 67 shows what an Iridium flare looks like in the night sky.

Figure 68 – Another nice photo of an Iridium flare.

Figure 69 - Simultaneous Iridium flares.

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