January 3, 2015



"The UFO's which currently fly on station when the shuttle is up are being
fired upon by high performance craft using state of the art particle beam
weapons. The very character of a particle beam does not need an atmosphere
to be seen it imparts its own coherence upon the vacuum of space. We have
video tapes of STS-missions as recent as STS-80 during the month of March
1997, wherein one can clearly see these beams coming up from the earth
through the cloud cover below the space shuttle. What concerns us most here
from our personal field experience is that out of all our private interviews
with eye witnesses not one instance of a negative or sordid nature has been
told to us. Virtually all close encounters on the ground have been very
passive, bizarre and extraordinary to ordinary people. It is with great
concern for our fellow Americans and citizens of the world at large we
question the reasons for why UFO's are being fired upon."

Perhaps I'm misinterpreting what I read but I have some problems with this
paragraph. First I should mention I spent many years designing Neutral
Particle Beams (NPBs) for both space (SDI) and National Laboratories.
Particle beams are created using ionized nuclei. The particles are then
accelerated in a number of different types of accelerators (RFQ, DTL, CCL)
each of which are used for specific energy (velocity) ranges. At the end,
the particles are then neutralized to be used as a "bullet" of sorts. I
emphasize neutral since it the beams were not neutralized, the Earth's
magnetic fields would deflect the particle beam but not the laser beam, thus
destroying any effectiveness.

My first problem with the paragraph is in the statement ". see these beams

coming up from the earth through the cloud cover below the space shuttle."
Using an NPB from the ground would have no effect in a very short distance
due to scattering particles off of the atmosphere. The only "rumor" I have
heard of where a ground based particle beam was employed as a "gun" occurred
when I was working in SDI. I was told there had been a Russian test attack
on a satellite by a ground based NPB. However, in order to do it they had to
first shoot a high power laser to punch a hole through the atmosphere
through which the particle beam could travel. This implies a huge Beam
facility; a somewhat smaller but still very big Laser facility; and a
smaller but expensive control system to synchronize both beams. The Beam and
Laser facility would also be a very large power (as opposed to energy) drain
at the facility. I inserted the statement on energy since both the Laser and
Particle Beam would be pulsed and not continuous. Therefore all of the
energy is expelled in a very short time period. The facility would therefore
need a huge energy storage facility that has the ability to be drained in a
very short time. If that did not exist, firing the gun would cause a large
blackout and a lot of angry people  Additionally, the longer the path
through the atmosphere, the more power that would be needed. It seems to me
one would have to know where the UFOs were going to be (in general at least)
a-priori. I find it difficult to imagine these facilities not being noticed.

Finally, I have no idea what is meant by the phrase, "it imparts its own
coherence upon the vacuum of space ... ". I can't even think of what to say
about this since it makes no sense to me. With the normal low  transverse
and longitudinal emittance values most beams have, the beam will remain an
effective beam (coherent?) for a long distance, however it will not affect
the "fabric" of space in any way.

It should be noted, this is a statement about a specific paragraph, not a
statement about Filer's Files. The paragraph I am questioning was not
written by Major Filer, it is quoted from another document.  I enjoy reading
the files and believe they are important to UFO research.

Carl C Paulson
Florida MUFON Field Investigator
STAR Team Analyst


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