MUFON Case #23273 Cape Sphere UFO

February 2, 2015




The location:

Sighting took place on a public innercoastal beach just north of Cape Canaveral. Name of the location at this time is unknown and witness could not recall. As they (himself and his female companion) arrived to the beach they noticed the sounds of the people on the beach went silent. At that point they noticed the object.


The Object:

The primary witness described the object as being a shiny metal or chrome surfaced sphere with pulsating rings one vertical the other horizontal. The rings were yellow and green color.

The Primary witness stated the event occurred in the year 1964.


Witness stated the people on the public beach were all staring at the object but did not notice anyone leaving or moving until the object shot straight up out of site. That is when everyone on the beach began moving off the beach into their cars and out of the area. The witness described the look on their faces and their behavior was like zombies lacking panic or emotion.


If you or anyone you know witnessed this event please contact Florida MUFON


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