Must Reads 2017

January 6, 2017


A friend and researcher Paul Dean wrote recently about his top reads. The list consists of some of the most critical thinkers in the UFO/UAP field. If you want to get to know the serious side of UFOs then this list will certainly build a strong objective and rational foundation. 


“The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry” (1972) by J. Allen Hynek;


“The Hynek UFO Report” (1977) by J. Allen Hynek;


“Anatomy of a Phenomenon” (1965) by Jacques Vallee;


“Challenge to Science” (1966) by Jacques Vallee;


“Passport to Magonia” (1969) by Jacques Vallee;


“The Invisible College” (1975) by Jacques Vallee;


“UFO’s: A Scientific Debate” (1973) by Carl Sagan and Thornton Page;


“The Challenge of Unidentified Flying Objects” (1961) by Charles A. Maney and Richard Hall;


“The UFO Evidence: Volume I” (1964) by Richard H. Hall;


“The UFO Evidence: Volume II” (1964) by Richard H. Hall;


“The UFO Controversy in America” (1975) by David Jacobs;


“Flying Saucers“ (1953) by Donald Menzel;


“Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects“ (1969) by Dr. Edward U. Condon and the University of Colorado;


“Clear Intent” (1984) by Barry Greenwood and Lawrence Fawcett;


“The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects” (1956) by Edward J. Ruppelt;


“Flying Saucers From Outer Space” (1953) by Donald E Keyhoe;


“UFO Study” (1981) by Jenny Randles;


“UFOs Explained” (1976) by Philip J. Klass;


“UFO Handbook” (1980) by Allan Hendry;


“The UFO Enigma: A New Review of the Physical Evidence” (1999) by Peter Sturrock;


“UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry” (2012) by Michael Swords, Robert Powell, Barry Greenwood, Jan Aldrich, Clas Svahn, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Bill Chalker, Steve Purcell and Richard Thieme

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