The Next Great Aircraft - Triangle UFOs?

January 6, 2017

A MUFON field investigators and witnesses we are exposed to pssoble military aircraft, sometimes secret aircraft not yet declssified. Recently Florida MUFON went through a UFO Flap involving large triangle craft gliding silantly over the Greater Tampa Bay area. Here are just a few of the collection of witness testimonies. 


Case 60636

I was at home and went outside around 10:30pm to make a call and as always, I look up at the sky. I caught something out of the corner of my eye and turned to face it. I thought it was an aircraft at first since Im airline crew.

As, I continued to study the aircraft, I realized it wasnt making any sound, had no lights. It appeared to by gliding about 500 feet up and was reflecting the orange glow of the street lights. 

I became anxious and excited as I watched the object disappear behind the trees. I wanted to see more.


Case 60634

"I live in a condo on the first floor overlooking a small lake. I usually sit on my screened-in porch every night to watch planes. I live fairly close to two airports and I've enjoyed watching planes since I was a child. The sighting

of this object actually took me by surprise a little because there was no sound. If I hadn't been watching for planes I never would have seen it. When I saw it my immediate reaction was UFO because it was like nothing I had ever seen before. The whole sighting lasted no more than about 4 seconds. There were no running lights, no sound and the shape unlike any plane. It was very large, a boomerang-type shape but with more rounded edges, (I think 5) very white but dim lights on the underside which seemed to illuminate the craft. Without the lights I would not have been able to see it because it was the same color as the night sky and was very camouflaged, almost transparent-looking. It made no sound at all and looked like it was gliding more than flying through the air. It flew from left to right heading in a southeasterly direction, moving parallel to my porch. I lost sight of it when it went behind the trees on our property. For a while I remained on the porch looking for it, hoping it would come back. It did cross my mind at one point that perhaps it was an experimental aircraft headed towards MacDill Air Force Base which is in the direction it was flying. It certainly seemed to have stealth-like technology and almost appeared as if it was cloaked. The longer I stayed on my porch watching the skies the more apprehensive I became and decided to come in the house. My heart was pounding, I was shaking and it took me a while to calm myself down."


Both of these cases were considered Identified flying Objects with the possibility of being the B2 steaalth bombers on apprach to MicDill Air Force Base. This is certainly a possibility but as the years have go by we have recieved numerus reports of these strange, very large "Boomarang" stype craft. Witnesses often never get a very close look at one but when they do, it really is hard to catigorize as a B2 and the flight characterisitics often go way beyond that of the known capabilities of the B2. 




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